klik – a contact place for young people on the street. The „Klik“ is a place for youth and young adults until the age of 27, who are primarily on the street. The street has become their world of living and is the only alternative, to break with old structures, the most made negative experiences with.

Klik – a contact place for young people on the street

Life on the street means: no permanent places to stay or sleep, ongoing search for possibilities to survive, almost no contact to the family, social exclusion but also hope for a self determined life.

Goals of our work

The most important goal is, to pick up this hope and develop together with the youth a perspective for their lives; to strengthen the emotional and social resources of the young people and to enable their social participation.

Principles of our work

In our work we embark on a strategy of an accepting tenor towards the self chosen life stile of the young people and act on their issues. We orientate ourselves on their living world, the street and put the “whole young person” in the center of our work.

Work priorities

Place of refuge, contact point and advisory board:


Collective and self-organized actions


Counselling regarding:

Possible activities:

Presence on the street

Several times a week streetwork at scene points, crisis intervention, counselling oriented at their living world, home visits.


Our team and contact

Four social workers, weekly team meetings and case discussions, supervision and advanced training, cooperation and networking

Torstraße 205, 10115 Berlin
In the near of metro station Oranienburger Tor / Rosenthaler Platz
Opening hours:
Monday:10 am – 3 pm (only office)
Tuesday:3 pm – 7 pm
Wednesday: 10 am – 3 pm (only office)
Thursday: 3 pm – 7 pm
Friday: 10 am – 3 pm
Individual times on request

Contact persons:
Alexandra Post
Gesa Massur
Anett Leach
Agnieska Ciolek
e-mail: kontaktladen@klik-berlin.de

GLS – Bank
Beneficiary Klik e.V.
IBAN: DE28430609671142557300